In the wake of survey results showing dissatisfied Facebook users and a sharp rise in advertising costs on Facebook, it would not surprise if many expat marketers were hoping for alternatives to Facebook’s monopoly. There are high hopes for Google+, which–despite being the product of a monopolist in another market–seems to offer at least a supplement to a Facebook-dominated social world.

Google+ ... what will expats use it for?

Coincidentally, within days of the Facebook news Google announced the launch of new business profiles for Google+, promising an initial version in the “next few months.” Till then, it will continue to delete all business profiles submitted as private accounts.

The statement is obviously a smart marketing move, raising expectations for the first social marketing options on Google+. At the same time, the rush of many companies to test the marketing options on Google+ could also reflect a growing dissatisfaction with Facebook.

For companies targeting expatriates, social networks are an interesting advertising channel. Many expats use a significant amount of social media to stay in touch with friends, family and business contacts at home.

Of course, it is still too early to predict which types of expatriates will start using Google+, and for what purposes. Due to the “enforced waiting period,” companies trying to attract expats on Google+ can now use the next few weeks to better understand the differences between Google+ and other networks–and prepare their communication for the moment the new business profiles are launched.

Lavinia says:

Heck of a job there, it absoultely helps me out.