Looking to target expatriates? Our list of expat websites will get you started. Whether you’re running a global campaign or just selling to certain national markets, make sure you are aware of the main sites targeting your audience. Where available, we’ve included reach, target audience and the specialities of each site.

Global expatriate sites

While there are many supposedly “global” expat websites, only few of them reach a significant audience. The sites below represent some of the most popular expat sites on a global scale, though some of them are much stronger in certain regions than in others.

Just Landed expat site

Just Landed

Just Landed is a website providing a one-stop solution for information, services & social life abroad. The site attracts more than 20 million users per year. It includes more than 60 country guides, an expat community, an international job board and a marketplace for worldwide property.

  • www.justlanded.com
  • Languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, German, Polish
  • Target: International
  • Visits/month: 1.5 million (2012)

The Telegraph

News, features and advice for expatriates, including offshore banking, education, health, and property. Also includes an Expat Directory
and an Expat Community. Targeted mostly to British expats, but also reaches some international audience.


AngloINFO is a chain of local expat portals providing information for people who are living or moving abroad. Originally from Normandy in France, the company built a franchise system where local franchisees run the local site, promoting the site, providing content and selling advertising.

  • Languages: English
  • Target: International
  • Visits/month: 2.1 Million (2011)

Expat Blog

A lot of the content on expat blog is written by expats themselves. The blog provides living abroad guides, articles, forums, jobs and housing sections. In addition, users can register their own blog to the website, share experiences and upload pictures. Expat Blog is one of the few multilingual sites in the expat market.

  • Languages: English, French and Spanish.
  • Target: International
  • Visits/month: 1.5 Million (2012)

Escape Artist

EscapeArtist is a website with a magazine about living and buying real estate overseas. The website focuses mostly on the business and finance aspect of living abroad, rather than the social one. It also provides information about buying real estate abroad, targeted mostly at American lifestyle migrants.

  • Languages: English
  • Target: International (American majority)
  • Visits/month: N/A

Allo’ Expat

Allo’ Expat provides expatriate guides and communities sorted by regions. The website covers 164 regions worldwide and allows expats to share tips, advice and personal experiences among them. Despite the global reach of the site, the majority of the traffic comes from Asia.

  • www.alloexpat.com
  • Languages: English
  • Target: International
  • Visits/month: 1.5 Million (2012)

Transitions Abroad

Transitions Abroad is for people who seek to work, live, travel and study abroad. It started as a travel magazine and currently offers a lot of information for international students and teachers on educational programs, volunteering and teaching abroad.

Expat Focus

Expat Focus is targeting people who are moving and living abroad. It provides information about intended destinations, opinions and advice from expats. The website includes country and city guides, articles, forums, a monthly newsletter, online podcasts, financial advice and interviews with relocation experts.

  • Languages: English
  • Target: International
  • Visits/month: 180,000 (2012)

Expat Finder

Expat Finder is a website which helps users compare and find products and services for their relocation process. It is targeted at people who plan to move or already live abroad, and provides different service sections for housing & property, money, insurance, moving, education, directory and jobs.

  • Languages: English, Spanish, French, Dutch and German.
  • Target: International
  • Visits/month: N/A

International Living

International Living provides information to people who are interested in moving abroad in order to improve their quality of life. It is mainly targeted at US-Americans, offering regular newsletters and updates on popular expat destinations, real estate and lifestyle abroad.

Expat Exchange

Expat Exchange is a website targeting English-speaking expatriates. The site provides information to assist expats through all phases of the expatriation and repatriation process. Expat Exchange also aggregates services typically purchased for international employees by  their HR departments, and distributes customized newsletters.


InterNations runs expat communities in more than 250 destinations across the globe. Members in local communities meet up for special expat events and exchange ideas in the forums of the site. The website provides sections such as an expat community, tips and forums guides and information, events and activities.

Asian expat sites


AsiaXPAT targets professional expatriates and communities in Asia. The website provides information for expats about the major 15 cities in Asia. Every city has a guide. The guide includes articles, jobs, property, classifieds, forums and leisure information.

Geo Expat

Geo Expat currently serves Hong Kong expats, with plans to expand to other Asian cities in the future. The site includes classifieds, forums, jobs and serviced apartments. It has a business directory and service listings. In addition, it operates two other websites under the same brand: geo schools and geo baby.

European expat sites


Toytown Germany

Toytown Germany is an English-language site for expatriates in Germany, collecting information about local bars and restaurants, events and meetups, and pretty much everything to do with moving to Germany and living there. The main part of the website is the discussion forum where expats share news, ask questions, organise events, and generally engage with each other.


Expats.cz is a portal for the English speaking business and international community in Prague. The website is targeted at people who live in or are moving to Prague. It offers information in a variety of fields, from doctors, lawyers, restaurants and real estate agencies to schools, language training and places to meet other expatriates. The website’s community is made up of business professionals, families, individuals, students and returning Czech expatriates alike.

  • Languages: English
  • Target: Czech Republic
  • Visits month: 130.000 (2012)