The Expat Banking Poll aims to engage expats on a seemingly boring topic.

Banking and finance are industries with a traditional, yet somewhat dry image. For marketers, it is often challenging to communicate their services without boring their target, especially when it comes to younger expatriates.

By sponsoring a banking poll across different social media sites, Lloyds TSB International aims to engage expatriates by opening a “fun” conversation about a seemingly boing topic. The participant with the most original expat banking story wins a new iPad 2.

The poll is designed as a “social survey” and runs across various networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, but also on expat sites such as Just landed. The sponsorship reflects the bank’s decision to drive engagement with expats on social media.

The first results show a vivid discussion with more than 150 comments on different properties. “The financial crisis has impacted the banking conditions in many countries, and many expats are nervous about their choice of bank right now”, says Daniel Tschentscher, Managing Partner at Just Landed. “We want to find out how this has changed their banking experience abroad, and how banks could improve their services to meet their needs.”