Choosing the right websites for your expat marketing budget is crucial. Instead of contacting hundreds of small local sites, you might want to start with the heavyweights in the market. We have listed the top 10 expat websites according to their Alexa rankings.

Alexa is a subsidiary of Amazon, and ranks sites based mostly on tracking information of users of its Alexa Toolbar. Since the Toolbar is used  by a limited tech-savvy audience, Alexa is not representative of the overall population. However, it does provide generally accepted global rankings for websites and certainly helps to identify the leading sites in a given market.

Top English-language expat websites with a large regional or worldwide reach. The Alexa ranks have been measured on Sept. 6, 2011:

1. Telegraph Expat (240) – Part of the high-circulation UK newspaper “The Daily Telegraph”. This website offers expat news, features and advice on services, offshore banking, education, health, property and embassies. It targets mainly British expats, however, it does have a wealth of information that is relevant for expats from all over the world. Note that the rank represents the complete Telegraph website, and that the expat section only reaches a fraction of their audience.

2. AngloINFO (8,627) – One of the largest networks for English speakers living abroad. Has a number of local websites (such as AngloINFO Brazil and Spain). These address such expat issues as starting a business, driving and education. AngloINFO currently operates 57 independent regional websites and 23 national ones. According to their Media Pack 2011, the website reaches 2.1 million unique users per month.

3. Expat Blog (8,640) – This is a blog made by expats, for expats. One of the main advantages of this website is that it has a very active community. The website includes a number of blogs which have information about how to move, live and work in a foreign country. In total, 221 destinations are covered.

4. Just Landed (9,038) – Just Landed includes country guides, a job board, a property market, an active community and more. Founded in 2003, Just Landed is today the largest online expatriate resource in terms of country and language coverage, operating 52 country portals in up to 20 languages. The website receives over 2 million unique visits per month.

5. Escapeartist (23,551) – A website targeting mainly American expats, it offers information about overseas retirement, international real estate, jobs and offshore investing. Its main audience consists of those wishing to retire abroad.

6. AsiaXPAT (29,621) – This website attracts over 950,000 unique visitors per month. It boasts over 400,000 registered members across 13 major Asian cities. It has a number of city-specific guides, including: Hong Kong, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur and Tokyo.

7. GeoExpat (30,290) – This expat website targets expats moving to Asia, with guides for Hong Kong and Tokyo amongst others. It includes an active expat forum, in addition to a number of useful articles that help expats with every aspect of their move abroad. In addition, it has a business directory which helps expats find businesses offering a variety of services, from moving to local doctors.

8. Alloexpat  (30,497) – Covering 164 countries, this website has over 900,000 unique visitors per month. Its community has 190,000 members, who make over 15,000 posts per week. According to the website, 40 per cent of its visitors return on a regular basis.

9. Transitions Abroad (39,465) – Receives over eight million unique visitors yearly. Provides information about working, studying, traveling, living and volunteering abroad for a number of countries all over the world.

Paul says:

Nice collection, but apart from “alexa” , this website should be #11 🙂

Simon Lynch says:

Apologies in advance 😉

Contrarian view on Alexa’s usefulness these days here – “If you cite Compete or Alexa for anything other than making fun of them, you’re officially a moron.”

Tom says:

Alexa rating is pretty reliable. I’m wandering around for such websites in the list here, thanks!