Migration from UK to Poland
Polish expats return home

Many Polish expats who had moved to the UK to make a better life for themselves are now returning home to Poland. For companies targeting foreigners, this change creates new business opportunities.

A study from UK National Board of statistics discovered that the most popular destination for non-British people was Poland – and that 98% of people moving there are Polish.

Poles have traditionally represented a large percentage of immigrants coming into the UK. Many believe the reason for the Poles abandoning the UK now, could be due to the fact that the economic gap between the two countries is closing considerably.

The statistics of migration from the UK are likely to draw the attention of big businesses such as relocation agencies. Some agencies might consider developing special packages for Polish people who are returning home.

But Polish expats are just an example of the migratory flux from the UK.

The study found that almost half of all non-British long-term emigrants migrated to countries within the EU. Other popular places for non-Brits include Spain, France, India, the USA and Australia.

In terms of native Brits, the majority seem to be flocking to Australia. Surprisingly, less Brits are going to Spain than in the past, with more choosing the USA as their new home. Perhaps a result of Spain’s poor economy and austerity measures.

In the field of education, some providers are already looking to profit from UK emigration: Dutch university marketers are starting to target British students directly, to convince them to study in the Netherlands.