DKV globalite health network
DKV Globality has launched a unified global health service.

One of the challenges expatriates face is how to deal with local cultures, regulations and practical issues. Whereever you go, things just seem to be different than at home, and sometimes they are quite confusing.

Expat health insurer DKV Globality seems to be taking note of this. With a new global service concept, the company tries to establish a unified communication process and service branding for their expat customers – irrespective of where they are moving to. A network of international customer assistants – the so called “Globalites” – are¬†available to clients 24/7 and in twenty-four different languages.

Globalites are local assistants that solve the everday expat healthcare problems: language, culture, and local knowledge. Living within the local market, they understand the concerns of expats in their region and can help them better than a service assistant who sits at the other end of the world. To provide this assistance, DKV Globality draws on the vast service network of Munich Health and its national insurance providers.

Providing a local service under a global brand is a key factor for reaching expats effectively. While local expertise is necessary for many expat services, HR departments and highly mobile expats often prefer a single global service provider who can serve their needs on a world scale, irrespective of location and language. It comes as no surprise that some of the most successful financial service providers for expats run their global branding on the back of a network of local branches. The global brand guarantees a universal service – even after future relocations – while local offices can manage direct customer contact and problems on the ground. Showing local expertise on a global scale might thus become a key differentiator for serving the highly mobile expats of tomorrow.