Most British expats need a confirmed job before leaving the UK
Most British expats need a confirmed job before leaving the UK

It seems an overwhelming number of Brits won’t move abroad until they have a job lined up in their new country.

Latest research by the Office for National Statistics reveals that 40% of British expats chose to leave the UK only if there was a guaranteed job waiting for them – compared to 16% who were looking for work.

This is great news for international recruiters and other expat marketers, as it pinpoints Brits who haven’t yet left the country as a massive target market. Continue reading

Expats can make use of digital tools such as the ipad.
Wouldn't making it easier for expats to download content present a massive opportunity for expat marketers?

For the media-hungry expat, portable devices like iPads and Kindles are a godsend. But if expats are clearly a perfect demographic, why is it so difficult for us to access the content from abroad and why are we subjected to such irrelevant marketing?

For example, the other day I tried to download a game to my PSP (PlayStation Portable) device. I’m an English expat living in Spain, so I tried to use the Spanish PlayStation Store to make the purchase. However, there was no option to download an English-language game, it automatically assumed that because I was based in Spain that Spanish was my first language and I’d only be interested in Spanish products. Continue reading

Are expats really buying more luxury cars?

Expats around the world are still feeling the pinch from the global financial crisis – which means luxury cars are probably the last things on their wish lists. Or are they?

Recent research suggests that high-end car sales could see a rise in the coming year, with wealthy expats being a large percentage of the owners. Countries in Asia and Africa have seen a dramatic increase in car sales in 2011, prompting luxury car brands to step up their presence overseas. Continue reading